Employment Contract

If you enter an employment relationship with the IPK, you must sign your employment contract prior starting to your work at IPK. This is mostly proceeded on your first day of employment. We recommend that you contact our Personnel Department as early as possible, in order to submit all necessary documents on time. In general, you should have the following documents when you sign the employment contract:

     Birth certificate, marriage certificate or divorce certificate
     Passport / Visa (applies to foreign nationals)
     Tax ID Number

Latest on your first day of employment, we will inform you about additional required documents.


What settles your employment contract?

The employment contract sets out, in particular, the duration of the employment, breaks and paid leave, working hours and the monthly salary. The monthly salary is based on the collective agreement for the public service sector (TV-L), in which are different salary groups. Please note that the statutory taxes and social security contributions are deducted from your gross salary.

Research Scholarships and Scientist Guest Contract

Separate regulations do apply here.