IPK Graduate Program

c/o Leibniz Institut für Pflanzengenetik und Kulturpflanzenforschung (IPK)

OT Gatersleben

Corrensstraße 3

06466 Seeland, Germany


Prof. Dr. Nicholaus von Wirén

Wissenschaftlicher Koordinator


Dr. Britt Leps

Administrative Koordinatorin

Tel: 039482/5 - 464

Fax: +49 (0) 39482- 5139


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The international orientation of IPK offers an attractive research environment at the interface between theory and practice as well as basic and applied research. IPK supports all PhD students in their personal and professional development within the framework of a personnel development strategy.


IPK established a structured graduate program which is mandatory to all PhD students. In the course of a structured PhD work and doctoral study the PhD students encounter knowledge in a wide range of research fields and personal skills to support the PhD students to become scientifically independent and to prepare them to enter the complex scientific labour market or to take a leading position in a company.


The PhD students are provided with a broad range of professional and personal supervision in an excellent research environment. In the framework of the [link]IPK Graduate Program various theoretical scientific and non-scientific courses, seminars and lectures as well as practical workshops are offered. The PhD students are encouraged and supported to participate in national and international conferences and to publish their research results.


In 2012 IPK received funds from the WGL Joint Initiative for Research and Innovation to establish the [link]Leibniz Graduate School “Yield Formation in cereals-overcoming yield-limiting factors”. 8 PhD student positions have been funded for this school.


The doctoral degree will be granted by collaborating universities. Formal requirements to gain a doctorate (in accordance with the requirements and prerequisites of the appropriate valid PhD degree regulations of the responsible university faculty) include rules and deadlines governing the commencement of doctoral examination procedures and the submission of the doctoral thesis to the respective university.


Student Board is one of the platforms organized by PhD students for the students at IPK. Student Board is involved with the organization of the social and scientific events within the scope of the IPk Graduate Program.


Awards: Beagle Award, Rudolf-Mansfeld-Preis, Gaterslebener Forschungspreis


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