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Dr. Götz Hensel

Water lily in botanical garden of @IPKGatersleben in full bloom

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IPK Gatersleben - Leibniz-Institut

Do you know Heinz? @AstridJunker introduces you to Heinz. He is one of 32 #tomato plants to be phenotyped at @IPKGatersleben and we will accompany him during the next three weeks. You want to join us? Next clip on Tuesday! #scicomm #plantsci #phenotyping #futureplants

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Astrid Junker

Sowing finally started! Kickoff for #phenotyping of #barley root-shoot growth dynamics and root systems architecture! 🌾📸📏💻📊

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Uwe Scholz

I'm very happy that I could contribute to this study. Here you can find the complete article: Important data are published in our e!DAL-PGP repository ( a @denbiOffice service of @IPKGatersleben.…

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IPK Gatersleben - Leibniz-Institut

Wow, we are so happy! It's around three month ago when we started tweeting and today we welcome follower no. 1000! Thank you!🍀🌾 That's the team behind the account: @Schafmeister, @AstridJunker, @HPidon, @ForscherRobert, @UweScholz271, @Manu81528677, @MaryAnnBlaetke, @GoeHensel

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Armin Djamei

Postdoc positions in Plant Pathology, plz. RT Aiming for a scientific career, having a track record in protein biochemistry &/or synthetic biology interested in biotrophy&plant immunity? Join my starting group at the Excellence University of Bonn/Germany

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John Innes Centre

VACANCY - We’re looking for a Senior Postdoc to support the smooth running of the Dean Group when @CarolineDeanLab is in Cambridge and dissecting the effect of natural variant SNPs on the molecular basis of Polycomb switching mechanisms at FLC

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Florian Veillet

Exciting 2-year postdoc position at INRAE IJPB Versailles (France) on genome editing in Physcomitrella patens in the Fabien Nogué’s team. Great job and lab. French🥐every morning! Contact Fabien Nogué ( for more information @ijpb_fr @UMR_IGEPP Please RT

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IPK Gatersleben - Leibniz-Institut

"Trockene Zeiten, magere Erträge" @Pflanzenwissen erklärt, welche Strategien helfen können. #Klimawandel #Trockenheit #ZukunftPflanzen #WissKomm…

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PostDoc & Friends3rd of July, 2019 IPK Club
Plant Quiz @ Open Doors Day15th of June, 2019 Casino, Foyer
PostDoc & Friends4th of June, 2019 IPK Club
PostDoc & Friends11th of April, 2019 IPK Club
International Spring School "Computational Biology Starter"20th - 22nd of March, 2019 BIZ
The International Spring School "Computational Biology Starter" is a de.NBI trainings course organized by the IPK Postdoc Board for all how want to get started with bioinformatics and computational biology. Find more information [link]here
PostDoc & Friends6th of March, 2019 IPK Club
PostDoc & Friends22th of January, 2019 IPK Club
Exposé of the IPK Photo Calendar 2019 & Charity13th of December, 2018 IPK Xmas Market
PostDoc & Friends28th of November, 2018

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Vernissage of the IPK Photo Calendar Contest12th of November, 2018

Casino, Foyer


PostDoc & Friends18th of October, 2018 IPK Club
PostDoc & Friends6th of September, 2018 IPK Club
PostDoc & Friends5th of July, 2018 IPK Club
1st PostDoc & Friends16th of May, 2018 IPK Club
PostDoc & Friends is a social event for all IPK employee and their families with the opportunity of professional networking. The idea is to encourage discussions while sharing some home-made food or cook/barbeque togehther.

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