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Our latest views on protein (re-)translocation in plants is online. Of course seen through 'redox-glasses' On the move: redox-dependent protein relocation in plants…

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Robert Hoffie

Ausführliches Interview von @dlfkultur mit Prof. Holger Puchta vom @KITKarlsruhe über #CRISPR & #Gentechnik, deren Möglichkeiten für die Pflanzenzucht und wie das bestehende Recht es behindert, diese Chancen zu nutzen. #Gentechnikwende…

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Robert Hoffie

Der #Klimawandel trifft die #Landwirtschaft besonders. Wie kann der Anbau von Weizen & Co. an Hitze, Trockenheit und andere Wetterextreme angepasst werden? Wissenschaft im Brennpunkt @Dlf_Forschung mit Prof. Frank Ordon @JKI_Bund…

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Dirk Inze

Consensus amongst European scientists: genome editing is an impressive breeding method that, unlike classical GMO technologies, allows for improving crops without adding foreign genes. Great potential for a climate-resilient and eco-friendly agriculture.

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IPK PostDocs

@JJSzymanski @IPKGatersleben @UweScholz271 Congrats 👏🏼 Looking forward to exciting news in #bioinformatic at @IPKGatersleben to advance #plantscience 👨🏻‍💻👩🏽‍💻🌾🌽


An nice opportunity to get experienced with most recent developments to adapt a healthy minor cereal to the ever changing demands of farmers, consumers and the environment. Many thanks to the colleagues @IPKGatersleben for organizing this event!…

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Deutsche Botanische Gesellschaft (DBG)

Wer neue Methoden + Techniken in einem anderen Labor erlernen möchte, kann sich für eines unserer Reise-Stipendien für #plantsci Labor-Besuche bewerben, wenn er/sie angehende #Pflanzenwissenschaftler*innen ist…

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Jerzy H. Czembor

👨‍🎓💚👨‍🌾📌 The first data set on historical wheat phenotyping data of the @IPKGatersleben genebank has been published! CONGRATULATIONS ! Historical phenotypic data from seven decades of seed regeneration in a wheat ex situ collection…

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Jerzy H. Czembor

👨‍🎓💚👨‍🌾📌 GENEBANK EQUATION 📌 from Andreas Graner Director @IPKGatersleben presentation on Plant Genetic Resources: from Conservation to Utilisation in #VSGB

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Dr. Götz Hensel

Influence of cysteine proteases in degradation of chloroplast proteins is now accepted. Thanks to all collaborators from @IPKGatersleben and @kieluni 😃Hordeum vulgare cysteine protease HvPAP14 plays a role in degradation of chloroplast proteins…

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PostDoc & Friends3rd of July, 2019 IPK Club
Plant Quiz @ Open Doors Day15th of June, 2019 Casino, Foyer
PostDoc & Friends4th of June, 2019 IPK Club
PostDoc & Friends11th of April, 2019 IPK Club
International Spring School "Computational Biology Starter"20th - 22nd of March, 2019 BIZ
The International Spring School "Computational Biology Starter" is a de.NBI trainings course organized by the IPK Postdoc Board for all how want to get started with bioinformatics and computational biology. Find more information [link]here
PostDoc & Friends6th of March, 2019 IPK Club
PostDoc & Friends22th of January, 2019 IPK Club
Exposé of the IPK Photo Calendar 2019 & Charity13th of December, 2018 IPK Xmas Market
PostDoc & Friends28th of November, 2018

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Vernissage of the IPK Photo Calendar Contest12th of November, 2018

Casino, Foyer


PostDoc & Friends18th of October, 2018 IPK Club
PostDoc & Friends6th of September, 2018 IPK Club
PostDoc & Friends5th of July, 2018 IPK Club
1st PostDoc & Friends16th of May, 2018 IPK Club
PostDoc & Friends is a social event for all IPK employee and their families with the opportunity of professional networking. The idea is to encourage discussions while sharing some home-made food or cook/barbeque togehther.

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