Wann: 25.04.2018 10:30 Wo: Seminarraum der Genbank, IPK Gatersleben


Professor Gábor Galiba, Head of Dept. Plant Molecular Biology, Agricultural Institute Centre for Agricultural Research, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Martonvásár, Hungary Utilization...[mehr]

Wann: 16.04.2018 10:30 Wo: Seminarraum Genbank, IPK Gatersleben


Lori R. Shapiro , Post Doctoral Association, Dunn Lab, Department of Applied Ecology, North Carolina State University, USA Evolutionary ecology of global crop plant movement[mehr]

Wann: 11.04.2018 bis Wo: Bioinformatics Centre, IPK Gatersleben

Gatersleben Lecture

Prof. Dr. David Jackson, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSH), Cold Spring Harbor, USA Title: New pathways in stem cell regulation and impact on cereal crop yields.[mehr]

Wann: 05.04.2018 14:30 Wo: Lecture Hall, IPK Gatersleben

Special Seminar

Prof. Dr. Masahiro Yano, Institute of Crop Science, National Agriculture and Food Research Organization, Japan Genomics assisted gene discovery and improvement of biotic/abiotic stress tolerance in barley and rice[mehr]