Wann: 01.05.2016 bis 03.05.2016 Wo: IPK Gatersleben, Corrensstrasse 3, D-06466 Seeland/ OT Gatersleben

Jahrestagung Gesellschaft für Pflanzenbiotechnologie

From May 2-4 2016 the Annual Conference of the German Society of Plant Biotechnology e.V. "New breeding technologies in times of politically enforced research prohibition" will be held at the Leibniz Institute of Plant Genetics and Crop Plant Research (IPK). Society members, researchers and plant breeders interested to learn about recent developments in the field of the new breeding technologies (TALEN, CRISPR/Cas), plant nutrition and phytoremediation as well as epigenetics are requested to take part. 

For further information and program details go [link]here.