Available Topics for Diploma, Bachelors or Masters Research

Our research laboratory offers opportunities in postgraduate research of the highest calibre. You will work closely with an expert supervisor on a specific research topic to produce a thesis of significant academic scholarship and originality. During your stay in Gatersleben you could be hosted in the guest house of the institute. Strong communication skills in English are required.  A wide range of potential projects are available, some of which are listed in the following  pages. Most projects can be tailored to honours, masters or diploma projects. If you need further information feel free to contact Andreas Houben by email [link]houben(at)ipk-gatersleben.de  or phone +49 (0) 39482 5486.




Entwicklung von CRISPR-basierten Methoden zur Lebendbeobachtung von Chromosomen

Development of CRISPR-based methods suitable for life imaging of chromosomes

see: Dreissig et al (2017). Live-cell CRISPR imaging in plants reveals dynamic telomere movements. Plant J 91, 565-573.


Generierung haploider Pflanzen mit Hilfe gezielter Zentromerinaktivierung

Targeted centromere inactivation for the generation of haploid plants

see: Karimi-Ashtiyani et al. (2015). Point mutation impairs centromeric CENH3 loading and induces haploid plants. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 112, 11211-11216.


Verhalten egoistischer Chromosomen

Behaviour of selfish chromosomes

see: Ma et al. (2017). Rye B chromosomes encode a functional Argonaute-like protein with in vitro slicer activities similar to its A chromosome paralog. New Phytol 213, 916-928; Houben, A. (2017). B Chromosomes - A Matter of Chromosome Drive. Front Plant Sci 8, 210.


Einzelzellanalyse zur Charakterisierung der meiotischen Rekombination

Characterization of meiotic recombination by single cell analysis

see: Dreissig et al. (2017). Sequencing of Single Pollen Nuclei Reveals Meiotic Recombination Events at Megabase Resolution and Circumvents Segregation Distortion Caused by Postmeiotic Processes. Front Plant Sci 8, 1620.


Cytologische Identifizierung von Fremdchromatin in Weizen-Aegilops Introgressionslinien durch genomische in situ Hybridisierung

Cytological identification of alien chromatin in wheat-Aegilops introgression lines using genomic in situ hybridization

see: Friebe et al. (1992). C-banding pattern and polymorphism of Aegilops caudata and chromosomal constitutions of the amphiploid T. aestivumAe. caudata and six derived chromosome addition lines. Theor Appl Genet 83:589-596.


Regulierung der Kinetochor Assemblierung in Pflanzen

Regulation of kinetochore assembly in plants

see: Lermontova et al. (2013). Arabidopsis KINETOCHORE NULL2 is an upstream component for cenH3 deposition at centromeres. Plant Cell, 25, 3389-3404; Sandmann et al. (2017). Targeting of Arabidopsis KNL2 to Centromeres Depends on the Conserved CENPC-k Motif in Its C Terminus. Plant Cell  29, 144-155.