Prof. Dr. Thomas Altmann


OT Gatersleben

Corrensstraße 3

06466 Seeland

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Sibille Bettermann


Tel: 039482/5 - 388

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Department of Molecular Genetics

Research in the department is aimed at the analysis and manipulation of economic yield. The main target is to gain a thorough understanding of the control and regulation of plant growth and development and related metabolic pathways, and to embed the basic insights gained into applied research.


The department concentrates on three research areas.


The research in the Molecular Biology and Molecular Physiology of Development Processes in the Plant area focuses on understanding the genetic basis and the molecular mechanisms underlying variation in development and metabolism as induced by changes in the external environment. Of particular interest are the molecular and physiological mechanisms related to yield in the context of plant growth and seed development.


The basic insights obtained by these studies are reflected by the work of the Biotechnology Research area in its focus on developing methods to produce in planta novel molecules of value for pharmaceutical or industrial purposes, to predict the performance of hybrids and to enhance yield, yield stability and seed quality.


The third research area is concerned with the Development and Improvement of Research Methods and Technologies. A focal point is the use of bioinformatics to, for example, generate an integrated systems-based model of plant growth and development. A further aim is to develop experimental resources, technologies and methods which allow the automated, non-invasive assessment of plant traits.