Association for the Promotion of Crop
Plant Research

Association for the Promotion of Crop Plant Research

Our association, founded in 1993, has set itself the goal of promoting research at the IPK both ideally and financially. In particular, the Center for Plant Genetic Resources shall be further developed and research in the fields of taxonomy and evolution, genetics, molecular biology, cell biology and physiology on crop plants shall be promoted.

Tasks of the Community

Members of the Board

Chairman: Dr. Viktor Korzun

Vice Chairman: Prof. Dr. Andreas Graner 

Treasurer: Hans-Michael Strube

Secretary and press officer: Dr. Ulrike Lohwasser

Managing Director: Prof. Dr. Andreas Houben

Community office: Dr. Catrin Kaydamov

Become a member:

The association currently has 88 members. The Community intends to open up to a larger circle of interested people. We would be pleased if we could win you for membership.

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