The Poaceae family of grasses includes the tribe Triticeae which harbours three of the leading crop species in Europe and the temperate world: wheat, barley and cereal rye. The group’s research focus is concentrated on the dynamics and diversity of the genomes present in these three species, seeking to understand how these underpin the agronomic performance of these crop species. A particular emphasis is placed on acquiring DNA sequence from each species, with the initial goal of deriving a high quality reference genome sequence. Advances in DNA sequencing technology have resulted in a marked reduction in the cost of acquiring sequence, so this activity has expanded into an   exploration of Triticeae pan-genomes. The technology is being used to improve the means of capturing the allelic diversity represented in the collections of Triticeae and other crop species curated by the IPK Federal Ex situ Gene Bank. This information is being utilised to deduce the genetic basis of traits of agronomic importance, such as plant architecture, chloroplast development and resistance to viruses.

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Selected projects:

SHAPE II – structural genome variation, haplotype diversity and the barley pan-genome – Unlocking structural genome diversity for barley breeding. (BMBF)

Genebank 2.0 - Genomics-based exploitation of wheat genetic resources for plant breeding. (BMBF)

AGENT - Activated GEnebank NeTwork (EU H2020)

BARN - BARley yield associated Network (DFG, ERA-CAPS 3rd call)

SMOOTH - Genetic control of barb/trichome formation on barley awns and stigmata – or, why does cultivated barley need rough awns? (DFG)

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Boyny, Zsa Zsa Friederique
Lab Technicians
Jaroschinsky, Pascal
Knauft, Manuela
Koenig, Susanne
Pohl, Jacqueline
Svoboda, Dagmar
Swetik, Sylvia
Trnka, Katrin
Ziems, Mary

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