Microscopy is a core technology in modern plant research. While its classical use has been to characterise morphology and structure, increasingly the focus is shifting to the study of growth and cell dynamics, where cellular and subcellular events are monitored on living plant tissue. One of leading research issues for crop scientists concerns the adaptation of plants to unfavourable environmental conditions and the strategies they adopt to cope with environmental stress. Tools developed by cell biologists and microscopists can be used to functionally characterise key structural traits, and the knowledge gained thereby can contribute to breeding efforts aimed at enhancing plant performance. Over several years, the group has been able to establish a state-of-the-art central light and electron microscopy facility, which has recently been expanded through the acquisition by the Chromosome Structure and Function Research Group of both a super-resolution light microscope and a light sheet microscope.

The research interests of the group itself are focused on the biology of grain shattering, lodging and drought stress. However, the group is also charged with the development of protocols suitable for the preparation of plant tissue destined for live cell imaging, ultrastructure analysis, three dimensional reconstruction and immunolocalisation. The combined use of the two disciplines should encourage inter-disciplinary microscopical approaches to be taken to address a range of scientific questions. In many cases, microscopy is just one component of a wider project involving other IPK or external researchers.

The central microscopy facility, which is maintained by the Structural Cell Biology Research Group, currently houses the following equipment:

Light microscopy

  • Zeiss Axio Imager M2 
  • Zeiss Axioskop
  • Zeiss Axiovert 135
  • Keyence VHX-5000
  • Zeiss LSM 510 META
  • Zeiss LSM 780
  • Andor Revolution® XD

Electron microscopy

  • Transmission Electron Microscope FEI Tecnai G2-Sphera 200 KV 
  • Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope Zeiss Gemini300 

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The main goal of the joint project with the RG Plant Reproductive Biology and the Genetics Department at the University of Silesia is an in-depth study on ABA-SL interact ion in barley in response to drought stress. In order, to further elucidate the molecular mechanisms underlying tillering and drought tolerance, we will perform physiological, morphological and cell biological studies on barley mutant hvd14.d, and barley accessions with a natural variation in the sequence of the HvD14 gene.

Using targeted mutagenesis (CRISPR RNA / Cas9) and screening of a TILLING population, additional barley mutants with modified SL biosynthesis or the signaling pathway will be generated in order, to demonstrate direct or indirect interactions between SLs and ABA. The deep sequencing of differentially expressed genes will be complemented by an analysis of the concentration of SLs, ABA, auxins, brassinosteroids, cytokinins, gibberellins, jasmonic acid and salicylic acid with and without drought stress treatment. In addition, treatment with selected hormones, such as ABA, brassinosteroids and cytokinins of pre-selected SL mutant lines, will be used to confirm predicted interactions.

The aim of the joint project with the Satellite Collections North of the IPK Genbank, Saatzucht Steinach GmbH & Co KG and GenXPro GmbH is the development of practical selection methods for relevant genotypes that improve seed retention and thus the threshing resistance in forage and turf grasses relevant for breeding. In the Structural Cell Biology group, cell biological methods are used to develop markers for indirect trait selection before flowering and then validate them in the breeding material. The main objective was a detailed examination of the abscission zone responsible for the seed loss on the morphological and structural level. For the comparative analyzes in the various stages of development from earing to the dough stage (seed ripening), shattering-resistant and genotypes with a tendency to seed loss were used. The knowledge is intended to provide information about the point in time at which the differentiation of the abscission zone becomes visible between the genotypes and to limit the period in which genes responsible for the differentiation are active. Ultimately, the selected genotypes should improve the development of breeding lines which, in addition to the required yield and quality, have a significantly higher seed yield potential and thus make seed production much more economical than before.

Lodging resistance is an important breeding goal for rye (Secale cereale L.) because of its great height compared to other cereals. The "Stabilstroh" genotype identified in rye is characterised by its resistance to lodging, and is also characterised by increased height and biomass production compared to other German rye hybrids. To clarify the genetic background of the lodging resistance (in cooperation with IPK research groups Resource Genetics and Reproduction, RG Gene and Genome Mapping and breeding company Dieckmann Seeds GmbH), a histological and ultrastructural characterisation of the basal internodes of the parental lines and the segregating F2 population was first carried out. Using the traits identified in relation to lodging resistance, 30 genetic loci (QTLs) could then be identified on seven chromosomes. Since it is to be expected, that the trait “Stabilstroh” can also lead to increased stability in other cereals, preselected wheat and barley accessions (evaluation of historical field data from the IPK Genbank) will be examined and characterised for the development of the characteristics identified in rye. In this context, and in cooperation with the two research groups Metabolic Diversity and Resource Genetics and Reproduction, different stages of development of the parental lines of the rye genotype “Stabilstroh” are being examined in detail using histology and metabolite analysis.

In our function as the central facility for microscopy, we are also involved as a cooperation partner in the processing of other projects.

Amongst other things, we continued and intensified our close cooperation with the RG Molecular Plant Nutrition and CONICET (Rosario, Argentina) about an increased stress tolerance of plants with expression of cyanobacterial flavodoxin (Fld). We were able to show that Fld is able to replace the lost ferredoxin activity under stress conditions. Ultrastructure analysis confirmed that the expression of Fld in tobacco plants resulted also in a delay of senescence processes by regulating leaf metabolism, hormones and senescence-associated genes, and that flavodoxin-expressing tobacco plants reveal a high light acclimation-like phenotype.

Contributory work for the AG Genomics of Genetic Resources involves the transmission electron microscopic analysis of chloroplasts from a series of Arabidopsis and barley mutants as well as heterologous complementation lines. The ultrastructural data, particularly those concerning the distribution and architecture of the grana stacks, have shown to be a highly promising field of research aimed at the functional characterisation of potential genes of chloroplast biogenesis.

In cooperation with the former AG Metalloid-Transport, abnormal vascular differentiation could be described as an irreversible symptom of boron deficiency in rapeseed. Significant structural modifications especially occure in the xylem and phloem affecting cell structure and tissue organisation. The morphological alterations are much more prominent in the sensitive genotype and differ clearly from those reported for other nutrient deficiencies. To uncover genes responsible for the vascular de-differentiation under B-deficient conditions this work will be continued with Prof. Patrick Bienert from the TU Munich. Preliminary data form RNA-sequencing analysis, gene ontology analysis and the identification of differentially expressed genes suggest a re-organisation of metabolism and differentiation processes under B-deficient conditions.

In addition to a number of internal and controlled collaborations, comprehensive cell-biological studies of the development of spikelets and florets in the development stages of wheat and barley are carried out in connection with the research work of the RG Plant Architecture. Furthermore, we have embarked on producing an elaborate histological atlas on the vascular architecture of the two-row barley ear during its development. The organisation of the vasculature in the nodes, as well as between the rachis and the spikelet organs, should be visualised on the basis of sectional series and 3D models.

Several collaborations with the AG Chromosome Structure and Function focus on the ultrastructural characterisation of cell nuclei.  Using high pressure freezing  sample preparation of Aegilops speltoides in root tips , we succesfully documented differences between chromatin structure and mode of replication  between micronuclei and primary nuclei, thus supporting previous data about the precise elimination of supernumerary B chromosomes early in embryo development.

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