PostDoc Board

Welcome to the Postdoc Board!

The Postdoc Board, founded in June 2012, represents postdoctoral fellows at IPK. The main goals of the IPK Postdoc Board are:

  • Welcoming new postdocs to our community at IPK
  • Representing the interests of postdocs, particularly towards IPK’s management, as well as at a variety of internal and external purposes and events
  • Supporting training and career planning including soft skills by providing resources and running both scientific and non-scientific courses

The Postdoc Board, which is associated to the Leibniz PostDoc Network and to Cluster of Excellence on Plant Science (CEPLAS), aims to provide whatever information or assistance it can to the postdoc community. We encourage all postdocs at IPK to consider becoming a member of the Board, since membership offers the opportunity to have an impact on the working life of postdocs and to help shape what IPK can offer its postdocs. Furthermore, the IPK Postdoc Board is in the process to support an IPK alumni network. If you are interested to become a member of the IPK alumni’s, please send us an email.

You can contact the IPK Postdoc Board by email also with other questions you have or attend one of our monthly meetings. Please do not send any job applications to the Postdoc Board! For this the Human Resources group is the right address.

IPK postdocs can check most recent updates and events on our internal accessible webpage.