The research group Heterosis studies plant performance, primarily in the model plant Arabidopsis thaliana (thale cress) and the crop plants maize, oilseed rape and barley. Of particular interest are the molecular factors, processes and mechanisms that control growth under fluctuating environmental conditions, or that contribute to heterosis of biomass formation.

Climate models predict rising average temperatures and changes in the amount and distribution of precipitation. Crop yield is increasingly and adversely affected by drought and extreme temperatures. Plants must adjust their growth and metabolism dynamically to perform well in this often rapidly changing environment.

Investigations focus on biomass accumulation during the vegetative phase in shoot and root, as well as the quality of formed seeds. In order to analyse the molecular processes under relevant field-like conditions, state-of-the-art environment simulation and non-invasive phenotyping methods are combined with systems biology analysis procedures.

We use natural and induced biological variability to answer the question of how plants regulate their growth under changing environmental conditions. The aim is to identify (epi)genetic factors, as well as molecular and physiological mechanisms that influence and control plant performance under relevant dynamic environmental conditions. In doing so, plant cultivation under fully controlled, field-like environmental conditions also allows the simulation of cultivation conditions as they may occur in future climate scenarios. By modelling the complex molecular processes in the plant with the help of the phenotypic and molecular omics data obtained, the critical factors can be determined. Ultimately, this knowledge will inform the optimisation of breeding strategies to stabilise crop yields and product qualities under changing climatic conditions.

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  • Evaluation of the performance of rapeseed lines with respect to growth, seed formation and seed quality under highly controlled field-like dynamic conditions for the integration with spatially and temporally resolved ‘omics’ analyses, and their visualisation using augmented reality (AR) and advanced virtuality (AV) techniques. (AVATARS)     
    BMBF funded, in cooperation with RGs SE, AAN, NAM, BA, MD, BIT and external partners NPZi, BPO, Leibniz-University of Hannover, University of Bielefeld, Technical University of Kaiserslautern
  • Exploiting biodiversity to increase the efficiency of how plants use light energy to convert carbon dioxide and water into sugars to boost yields in key crops such as maize. (CAPITALISE)  
    H2020 funded; in cooperation with 14 European, two Israeli and one Ethiopian partners
  • Precision phenotyping of maize lines from Mediterranean populations for drought and heat stress related traits. (DROMAMED)
    BMBF (PRIMA) funded; in cooperation CSIC-MBG Spain (P. Revilla), ENSA Algeria (A. Djemel), University of Vigo Spain (R. Santiago), University of Bologna Italy (E. Frascaroli), CRERA-CI Italy (C. Balconi), NOVA University Lisbon Portugal (M.L. Alves), INRA France (A. Charcosset), Hassan I University Morocco (A. K. Essamadi)
  • Time-resolved identification and characterisation of candidate genes associated with growth dynamics and growth differences in maize, Arabidopsis and rapeseed with particular emphasis on genes influencing expression and metabolite patterns and the corresponding networks under fluctuating conditions. (Growth Dynamics) 
    in cooperation with RGs NAM, BA, APP, RGR, QG
  • Characterisation of genes and gene-networks causing differences in growth (including heterosis) and resource efficiency in the model system Arabidopsis, and translation to crop plants rapeseed, maize and barley.    
    in cooperation with RGs APP, MD, GGR, DG, QG, MPE
  • Characterisation of epigenetic factors that are involved in growth and resource efficiency in Arabidopsis and barley, including detection of epiQTL causing biomass heterosis in Arabidopsis using epiRILs, and identification of the relevant DNA methylation and gene expression patterns. (epiRILs)    

    in cooperation with RGs MPE, GGR, DG, ScienceCampus Halle, Barley Epigenome Platform K. Humbeck (MLU Halle), and F. Johannes, Population Epigenetics & Epigenomics TU München
  • Identification and validation of hybrid predictors derived from genomic, phenotypic and biochemical data of rapeseed inbreds and hybrids. (PREDICT)   
    DFG funded, in cooperation with the University of Gießen, NPZ and DSV

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Altmann, Prof. Dr. Thomas
Majeed, Huma
Scientific guests / Fellowship
Lab Technicians
Bettermann, Sibille
Driesslein, Sandra
Fischer, Iris
Kindel, Samantha Lee
Rech, Alexandra
Tillack, Isolde

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