The group’s research focus is the biology of chromosomes, specifically aiming to explore the regulation, organisation, segregation and evolution of the mitotic, meiotic and interphase chromosomes of both model, wild and crop species. Such knowledge has the potential to increase the efficiency of the crop breeding process. The research relies on a range of DNA-, RNA- and protein-based methods, supported by flow cytometry, microscopy and transgenesis.

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In particular, we seek to:

  • decipher the mechanistic basis of genome elimination, which leads to haploidization, and to optimise the process.
  • analyse both the organisation and dynamics of cell-cycle dependent chromatin in nuclei and chromosomes, which requires the application of super-resolution microscopy.
  • unravel how chromosome drive and the tissue-specific elimination of ‘selfish’ B chromosomes operate.
  • decipher the organisation, regulation and evolution of holo- and monokinetic centromeres.
  • exploit flow cytometry to be able to analyse the genome from a single cell.
  • optimise CRISPR/Cas9 technology to enable the visualisation of specific DNA sequences.

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Houben, Prof. Dr. Andreas
Khosravi, Dr. Solmaz
Liu, Taoran
Potlapalli, Bhanu Prakash
Scientific guests / Fellowship
Somasundaram, Saravanakumar
Lab Technicians
Stegmann, Sylvane

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