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The processes whereby wild species were first domesticated and then distributed to new habitats around the globe have had a marked effect on their genomes. Our group’s research is focused on both domestication and adaptation, as well as their effect on the genetic diversity present in both the domesticates and their wild relatives. The research is directed mainly to the temperate cereals barley, wheat, cereal rye and oats, taking advantage of the large number of accessions of these domesticates and their wild relatives being maintained by the IPK Federal ex situ Gene Bank. Our main research goals are:

  • Elucidating the relationship between crops and their extant wild relatives and progenitors;
  • tracing the movement and adaptation of cereal crops during their expansion from their site of domestication in western Asia into Europe, and
  • understanding the consequences of domestication on nucleotide diversity, gene expression and gene regulation.

To achieve these aims, we are applying both population genetics and genomics tools to analyse whole genome DNA sequences, genetic markers and transcriptomes. We are also involved in the acquisition of genomic sequences and in genetic mapping, which together serve to provide an objective assessment of the genetic variation present in diverse germplasm collections such as that held by the IPK Gene Bank. The group contributes to IPK Research Themes "Valorisation of Plant Genetic Resources" and "Genome Diversity and Evolution".

Dr. Martin Mascher is a member of the German Centre for Integrative Biodiversity Research (iDiv) Halle-Jena-Leipzig.

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Genomic approaches for studying crop evolution

Understanding how crop plants evolved from their wild relatives and spread around the world can inform about the origins of agriculture. The rapid development of genomic resources and tools has made it possible to conduct genetic mapping and population genetic studies to unravel the molecular underpinnings of domestication and crop evolution in diverse crop species. Studies of crop evolution can proceed by (i) the establishment of high-quality reference genomes for crops and their wild relatives; (ii) the genomic characterisation of germplasm collections; and (iii) the adoption of novel methodologies such as archaeogenetics, epigenomics, and genome editing. The research group focusses on genomic methods but we collaborate with internal, national and international collaborators on other aspects.





Archaeogenetics and genebank genomics

The wild grass Hordeum spontaneum was domesticated about 10,000 years ago in the Fertile Crescent and, as barley, became a founder crop of Neolithic agriculture. We analysed genome sequences of five 6,000-year-old barley grains excavated by Israeli archaeologists at a cave in the Judean Desert close to the Dead Sea. Comparison to sequence data from a diversity panel of present-day barley accessions from the IPK Gene Bank showed the close affinity of ancient samples to extant landraces from the Southern Levant and Egypt. Our findings suggest that barley landraces grown in present-day Israel have not experienced major lineage turnover over the past six millennia, although there is evidence for gene flow between cultivated and sympatric wild populations. The figure shows the position of the five ancient samples in the modern barley diversity space and a spike samples of an extent barley variety most closely related to the ancient samples.





Cereal pangenomics

Pan-genomics refers the comparison of genome sequences of multiple individuals of a species. Pan-genomics in crop plants is focused on the discovery of new genetic variants to help crop improvement. Genotypes for pan-genome analysis are selected from genebank collections based on genome-wide marker data. Nested coresets (A, B, C) comprising landraces, elite cultivars and wild relatives and representing the global diversity of the crop are compiled. Reference genome sequences are assembled for a small number of accessions (panel A). Medium-coverage whole-genome shotgun sequence data are collected for a larger set of accessions (panel C) for reference-based analysis of structural variants. Novel approaches such as Hi-C and k-mer-based association genetics are used to discover chromosome-scale inversions and link structural variants to agronomic phenotypes.




Pangenome der Getreide

Das Forschungsbebiet Pangenomik befasst sich mit der vergleichenden Untersuchung von Genomsequenzen mehrerer Individuen einer Art. Pangenomik bei Nutzpflanzen konzentriert sich auf die Suche nach bisher unbekannter genetischer Variation, um die Züchtung neuer Sorten zu unterstützen. Genotypen für pangenomische Analysen werden aus großen Kulturpflanzensortimenten basierend auf genomweiten Markerdaten ausgewählt. Dies liefert in sich verschachtelte Kernsammlungen unterschiedlichen Umfangs als Repräsentanten der Diversität von Landrassen, Elitesorten und Wildformen. Referenzgenomsequenzen werden für wenige Schlüsselgenotypen (A) assembliert. Genomsequenzdaten mittlerer Dichte dienen zur referenzbasierten Suche nach struktureller Variation (B). Neuartige Methoden wie die Chromosomenstrukturanalyse und die Assoziationsgenetik mit kurzen Sequenzrepräsentanten werden bei der Suche nach chromosomalen Inversionen und der Verknüpfung von Genotyp und Phänotyp eingesetzt.




Archäogenetik and Genbankgenomik

Das Wildgras Hordeum spontaneum wurde vor 10.000 Jahren im Fruchtbaren Halbmond domestiziert. Als Gerste wurde es eine der erste Nutzpflanzen der Menschheit. Wir haben Genomsequenzen von fünf 6000 Jahren alten Gerstenkörnern untersucht. Die Körner wurden von israelischen Archäologen in einer Höhle in der judäischen Wüste in der Nähe des Toten Meeres entdeckt. Ein Vergleich der alten Körner mit Sequenzdaten einer Gruppe diverser Gerstenmuster aus der IPK-Genbank zeigte, dass diese sehr nah mit Landrassen aus der südlichen Levante und Ägypten verwandt sind. Diese Ergebnisse deuten darauf hin, dass Gerstenlandrassen im heutigen Israel genetische Kontinuität über Jahrtausende zeigen. Wir fanden aber auch Hinweise auf Genfluss zwischen domestizierten Populationen und lokalen Wildformen. Die Abbildung verortet die fünf alten Proben in Diversitätsraum der modernen Gerste. Das Ährenmuster gehört zu einer der IPK-Genbankakzessionen, die am nächsten mit den alten Proben verwandt sind.



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