Human Resources

The HR working group at the IPK has the task of creating the best possible human resources for our research.

The areas of responsibility include the following skills:

  • Recruiting of new employees and applicant management,
  • Preparation and implementation of recruiting fairs and events for career orientation,
  • Advising employees on collective bargaining and legal requirements,
  • Communication with the employee representatives,
  • Operational personnel planning and administrative design of employment contracts and employment offers,
  • Care and support for our internationals employees and their families before arrival and during the first few months after starting work at the IPK
    (visa orientation on site official channels, looking for accommodation, family support e.g. kindergarten and school registration)
  • Coordination and organization of internships (pupils and students) and guest stays,
  • Organization of target group-specific further training offers,
  • Supervision of vocational training and dual students,
  • Creation of job descriptions and evaluations,
  • Classification of employees and level assignment,
  • Granting of allowances according to TV-L,
  • Examination of secondary employment,
  • Job management in the position plan,
  • Payroll accounting,
  • Planning and controlling of personnel expenses,
  • Processing of time management and relevant time management data,
  • Travel management and billing of travel expenses,
  • Health management (company doctor, handicap tax, health days for the employees)
  • Drafting job references,
  • Reporting on the field of human resources,
  • Office of the Board of Trustees
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