Graduate Programme

The IPK Graduate Programme

The Programme

The IPK Graduate Programme is a structured doctoral programme, which is mandatory to all PhD candidates pursuing their doctoral study at IPK - independent of their respective affiliation or registration in external doctoral programmes (at universities/ Marie Curie Program etc.). PhD candidates profit from a vibrant research environment that is driven by internationally recognised scientists and supported by an excellent research infrastructure with state-of-the-art technology platforms.

Topics for open PhD positions are regularly offered under job offers.

During the course of a structured educational programme, PhD students encounter knowledge in a wide range of research fields at IPK and acquire or improve personal skills required for self-organisation, scientific independency and international competitiveness when thriving for an academic career or for a leading position in a company.

The doctoral degree will be granted by collaborating universities. In most cases, PhD candidates become enrolled at the Martin Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg (MLU) and defend their dissertation in accordance with the doctoral regulations of the Faculties of Natural Sciences I or III.

In the framework of the IPK Graduate Programme various theoretical scientific and non-scientific courses, seminars and lectures as well as practical workshops are offered. The PhD students are encouraged and supported to participate in national and international conferences and to publish their research results.

The IPK Graduate Program is associated with the INGRA at the Martin-Luther University Halle-Wittenberg.


Within the framework of the programme, a mutual responsibility is established between the doctoral candidate and her/his supervisor for all phases of qualification leading to the doctorate. The IPK Graduate Program forms the basis for a target-oriented and structured progression of the PhD work and doctoral study. Within the programme doctoral candidates will receive a wide range of technical and subject-scientific support as well as personal assistance. The support and assistance aim to foster young scientists by promoting scientific excellence and personal competence.

The goal is to recognise individual potentials and to provide knowledge, skills and qualifications preparing best for a successful professional career. The programme is designed to enable PhD students to pursue the goals, to support scientific independence and to ensure the quality of the scientific work within the framework of the doctoral study.

  • to provide the basis for a target-oriented and structured progression of the doctoral study
  • to offer a wider range of technical and scientific support as well as personal assistance
  • to ensure a high quality of scientific work within the framework of the doctoral study
  • to establish a mutual responsibility between the PhD student and the supervisor
  • to better recognise the individual potential and to adapt training and educational needs to individual skills and qualifications
  • to promote besides scientific excellence also personal competence
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