Information and Ordering

Information and Ordering

The IPK Genebank Information System (GBIS) provides detailed information on the more than 151,000 accessions of the federal ex situ collection via a search based on scientific criteria.  In addition to the data describing the origin and naming of the accessions, the system also provides access to phenotypic observations, herbarium specimens and many photos. Moreover, you have access to the integrated ordering system after creating a user account.

General information for ordering:

  • The genebank of the IPK is not a commercial provider of seeds and plants. It only provides very small quantities of seeds and plant material, as is customary in exchanges between genebanks and botanical gardens.
  • A handling fee is charged for the provision and shipment of the samples. This fee is necessary to cover the costs of processing requests for genetic resources from our collections. It represents a contribution to the sustainable managment of the collections and to the provision of high-quality services, thus serving the conservation and use of biodiversity for food and agriculture.
  • In general, a so-called Standardised Material Transfer Agreement (SMTA) must be concluded between the recipient and the IPK prior to delivery of the material. After receipt of the signed SMTA, the ordered material is usually delivered within four weeks. In the case of large orders, or if the current availability of seed and planting material is limited, processing may take longer. In this case, the customer will be informed.

Complementary information for orders from the potato collection:

  • At the Groß Lüsewitz site, the genebank of the IPK maintains a comprehensive potato collection, which includes the cultivated potato collection (KKS) with more than 2,700 accessions.
  • For private persons, only tubers of KKS accessions (maximum eight accessions with three to five tubers each) are usually available, but no in vitro or cryo preserved material.
  • Only tubers and seeds that are healthy are provided. However, the presence of latent viruses (PVS, partly PVX) is tolerated during field cultivation, which should be considered when ordering tubers.
  • For in vitro plants, special methods are used to eliminate viruses. In addition, the entire potato collection is systematically tested for the presence of quarantine pathogens in cooperation with phytosanitary authorities. If you have any questions about accessions or orders, or general questions about the Genebank Information System or the genebank, please contact us. The ordering itself is usually only done via the Genebank Information System.

Questions about accessions or the ordering process
Tel.: +49 39482 5-109
E-mail: gbis-bestellung[at]

General questions about the genebank and the Genebank Information System
E-mail: gbis-info[at]

Information on the Groß Lüsewitz potato collections
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