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Campusmanagement and Logistic

The campus management and logistics working group ensures life and work on campus with a variety of general services.

The working group organises:

  • Access to campus and security services
  • Letter / parcel / courier services in the IPK and to the outside world
  • Cleaning service for the buildings and outside areas
  • Central receiving and delivery of goods
  • Management of a storage
  • caretaker services
  • internal transport tasks and removals
  • waste disposal
  • Service for central printers

The following infrastructures are managed:

  • Company canteen "Casino" with outdoor area
    Breakfast and lunch options for employees and guests, out-of-home services, catering for large and small events / conferences
  • Communication center with lecture hall, other seminar and event rooms
    Flexibly equipped event rooms with modern media technology for up to 200 participants
  • guest house
    Short-term accommodation up to 6 months in furnished one- and two-room apartments
  • reception building
    Visitor reception and guidance, information point and forwarding of alarm and emergency calls

In addition, the Ag provides:

  • Company cars with a driver or as a self-drive
  • Cycles
Lab Technicians
Backoff Michaela backoff[at]ipk-gatersleben.de+49 39482 5-100
Foerster Anke foerster[at]ipk-gatersleben.de+49 39482 5-104
Fricke Andrea frickea[at]ipk-gatersleben.de+49 39482 5-311
Grasse Martina grassem[at]ipk-gatersleben.de+49 39482 5-311
Griebsch Nadine griebsch[at]ipk-gatersleben.de+49 39482 5-346
Heidecke Jacqueline heidecke[at]ipk-gatersleben.de+49 39482 5-320
Henneberg Silvio henneberg[at]ipk-gatersleben.de+49 39482 5-529
Hoffmann Jutta hoffmannj[at]ipk-gatersleben.de+49 39482 5-711
Janick Sabine janick[at]ipk-gatersleben.de+49 39482 5-320
Koch Mario kochm[at]ipk-gatersleben.de+49 39482 5-529
Menzel Katrin menzel[at]ipk-gatersleben.de+49 39482 5-689
Mueller Mary muellermar[at]ipk-gatersleben.de+49 39482 5-711
Paerschke Andreas paerschke[at]ipk-gatersleben.de+49 39482 5-311
Putzke Frank putzke[at]ipk-gatersleben.de+49 39482 5-429
Ruemenap Doreen ruemenap[at]ipk-gatersleben.de+49 39482 5-311
Schmidt Kim Vanessa schmidt[at]ipk-gatersleben.de+49 39482 5-311
Voelkel Fabiola voelkel[at]ipk-gatersleben.de+49 39482 5-334