The Purchasing working group is responsible for the procurement of various consumables, devices and equipment, including large scientific equipment, as well as for drawing up service contracts of all kinds.

The awarding of building projects on the Institute's campus as well as procurements for the two locations in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania (partial collections of the Genebank department in Malchow and Groß-Lüsewitz) are further focal points of purchasing.

The main task of the working group is the most economical procurement of goods, services and construction projects for all IPK locations, taking into account the laws and regulations applicable to publicly funded institutions. The range of tasks extends from advising all internal demand carriers, to market research, compiling or reviewing specifications and bills of quantities, selecting and implementing award procedures, processing and evaluating offers, conducting contract negotiations, drafting contracts, as well as placing orders in the in-house ERP system and monitoring deadlines.

The Purchasing working group organises and coordinates the tasks as the IPK's central procurement office.

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