Gene Bank Gatersleben

Gene Bank Gatersleben

At the heart of the Genebank department is the Federal Ex situ Gene Bank, representing one of the world’s largest germplasm collections, with a current of holding of 151,348 accessions.

The bulk of the collection is stored as seed, housed in cold rooms maintained at -18°C, under which conditions seed viability typically lasts several decades.

In addition to the accessions conserved in the form of seed, the Gene Bank also maintains one of the world’s largest cryo-collections of vegetatively propagated plant species. The latter procedure, which involves storage under liquid nitrogen at -196°C, is applied to over 2,000 accessions, including 1,730 of potato.

The Gene Bank also curates a herbarium comprising over 446,000 voucher specimens, about 109,000 seed/fruit reference samples and 56,600 cereal/grass spikes.

In the department Genebank the research focus is directed to improving the conservation management of genetic resources, which mostly involves an exploration of the biological and biochemical processes affecting the long term storage of seeds and vegetative organs.

The IPK Genebank Information System (GBIS) offers the possibility to obtain information about the holdings of the Federal Ex situ Collection by specifying free or scientific search criteria.