PostDoc Board

Welcome to the Postdoc Board!

The Postdoc Board, founded in June 2012, represents the population of postdoctoral fellows at IPK. Its main goals:

  • Welcoming new postdocs to our community
  • Representing the interests of postdocs, particularly towards IPK’s management, as well as at a variety of internal and external events
  • Supporting career planning and training in soft skills by providing resources and running both scientific and non-scientific courses

The Board aims to provide whatever information or assistance it can to the postdoc community. We encourage all postdocs to consider becoming a member of the Board, since membership offers the opportunity to have an impact on the working life of IPK postdocs and to help shape what IPK can offer its postdocs. Information about the organisation of the Board can be found in our constitution document.

The current chair of the Board is Helene Pidon, and the Board members are Sebastian Beier, Mary-Ann Blätke, Amanda Souza Câmara, Ronja Wonneberger, Martin Becker, Agostina Sassone and Jeyaraman Rajaraman.

You can contact us by writing us (postdocboard(at) Please do not send any job applications to the Postdoc Board!


News & Events

The Board organises regular social events and courses, including:

  • Postdoc & Friends”, a series of social events open to all IPK employees and their families, designed to provide professional networking opportunities. The idea is to encourage discussions while sharing home-made food or cook or enjoying a barbeque.
  • Postdoc Teach&Learn”, a series of internal courses taught by IPK postdocs, giving the opportunity to gain experience in teaching others, as well as to learn about new topics. The concept has added to the number of courses offered at IPK. Any postdoc interested in teaching is invite to submit a short proposal. We will take care of the organisation and promotion of the course.
  • We organise a summer school every two years. Take a look at our last event, "Computational Biology Starter" (Link:

Because of the current pandemic, social events remain suspended, but we hope to be able to restart them again soon! 


Leibniz Postdoc Network

The Leibniz Postdoc Network was founded to provide a communication platform for all postdoctoral researchers working in Leibniz Association institutes, thereby creating a distinct and united voice for this essential group of researchers.

The overall aims of the network are to:

  • Promote cross-disciplinary exchange between Leibniz postdocs on both a personal and a professional level, addressing topics such as career challenges, networking, big data, digitalisation, open science, public outreach and societal challenges.
  • Create a structure for central career support.
  • Establish a ”Leibniz Postdocs” corporate identity and form a strong network of alumni active in external organisations, industry, administration or government.

The Network uses a mailing list (leibnizpds(at) to disseminate its activities. To join the mailing list, use your IPK address to sign up here (



Have you just arrived at IPK and feel you need some help to get started and settle down? Some of the FAQs below may be helpful, but if your question is not covered by them, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

I’m interested in knowing more about the Board and am thinking of joining. How can I get more information?

Send an email to us (Link:, and we will invite you to join our next meeting! You don’t have to make a final decision immediately - you’re welcome to just take a look! If you’re convinced, we will be more than happy to count you among us!

I am not yet on the Postdoc email list. What should I do?

Just let us know by emailing ( and we will take care of you!

I would like to teach a course. What should I do?

Send an email (postdocboard(at) telling us what topic you are keen to teach; if there is interest, we will help you set it up as a Postdoc Teach&Learn event!

Where can I meet people working at the IPK?

After work, you can meet people at the IPK club, where a number of social activities (barbeques, parties, public viewings etc.) are organised. On Fridays, you can join us at the IPK Club for one of our famous MoViE NiGhT's (includes cooking and dinner). Many people go to the Casino for their breakfast, lunch or coffee – its opening hours are Monday to Friday 07:30 to 15:00. The Postdoc Board and the Student Board organise various social events - watch out for email announcements and check our Events & News.

Where can I get help in case of scientific misconduct?

We encourage you to approach the Postdoc Board to ask for help. The Institute ombudsperson is Frank Blattner, whom you can contact anytime.

I’m a Postdoc from another institute and would like to join IPK. What should I do?

We are not in charge of recruitment. Please contact the research group leader(s) working in your area of interest.
Job offers are advertised at the institute’s website.