Legumes play a vital role in human and animal diets and fostering agrobiodiversity and maintaining soil fertility. The independent research group Grain Legume Genomics (KLG) is established with the vision of increasing domestic production of protein-rich leguminous crops to reduce dependence on imported proteins and to replace meat-based protein diet with plant-based protein diet. We investigate the genetic basis of agronomic traits, protein quality and nutritional value in grain legumes such as faba bean (Vicia faba). In addition, we focus on emerging traits required for agroecological transition.

Key components of our research activities include:

  • The comprehensive characterization and mobilization of genetic diversity in genebanks
  • The development of foundational genomics resources such as a pan-genome and diversity atlas to advance fundamental research
  • The genetic dissection of agronomic and quality traits to advance molecular breeding
  • A close interaction with all stakeholders across the agricultural supply chain in Europe: breeders, farmers, and the food and feed industries.

The group contributes to IPK Research Themes “Concepts for Valorisation of Genetic Resources”, “Genome Diversity and Evolution” and “Growth and Metabolism”.

Group homepage:https://murulab.ipk-gatersleben.de

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REPLACE: A genomic breeder’s toolkit for faba bean (Vicia faba)
Leibniz-Gemeinschaft: Leibniz Junior Research Group (2022-2026)

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