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New IPK Journal Digest is published

Science is international and thrives on networking. At the IPK Leibniz Institute, this is part of everyday life. Here, scientists from almost 40 countries work together across the boundaries of research groups and departments. But that's not all: the institute cooperates with partners from a large number of countries and is part of numerous networks. For years, all this has also been reflected in the reports of the IPK Journal, the magazine for the institute’s staff. There you can find interviews, reports on current research topics or articles on former staff members.

Beyond the possibilities of computerised translation programs, we want to use the "IPK Journal Digest” to generate additional interest and keep as many staff members informed as possible. The most important articles from the current issue in abridged form are summarized in an English-language. This issue includes an interview with Nils Stein, new head of the Genebank department, and articles about Ricardo Giehl and Sara Leite Dias. We hope this new offer will meet with much interest and would be very pleased to receive your feedback and suggestions.

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